Welcome to ClimataTM, an innovative software application developed under a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Sectoral Application Research Program (SARP) grant by Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) and its partners. ClimataTM streamlines the process of finding and retrieving climate, water and streamflow forecast data from a number of national data providers. This is just one product developed by HEI that is consistent with President Obama’s Climate Data Initiative. Read More...

To see what Climata can do, visit one of the existing Shared Projects created by other users, or start your own project with the Data Tools below.

Data Tools

To request data from a supported web service, create a new project and then add data to the project.

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Source Code

Climata is maintained as two software packages: a Viewer (this website), and a standalone Python software Library to allow software developers to integrate the data loading capabilities in their own applications. The source code for both the Library and the Viewer is freely available on GitHub.

Climata Library version 0.4.0
Climata Viewer version 0.5.2-dev


Please contact Mark Deutschman, PhD, PE at 763.493.6679 or mdeutschman@houstoneng.com for more information about ClimataTM or other climate and water technology projects developed by Houston Engineering, Inc.

To report any issues with this demo application, you can contact us at gis@houstoneng.com or use the GitHub Issue Form.

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